Rachael Forsyth - Saxophonist, Writer and Music Teacher
Arranging & Compositions
Composer in residence for Four Hills Music

For Rachael's Educational compositions go to: Roo Records Music

These can also be bought from June Emerson Wind Music, Howarth of London and All Flutes Plus. 

As a woodwind specialist Rachael writes pieces she knows other musicians will love to play. She also loves to write piano based pieces.

She saw the premier of her first Orchestral Piece played in 2011 and is set to hear more of her pieces played later this year.

Works Available:

Ensemble Pieces:

  • S.D.D (Slow Day Deadline) - Premier - 26th and 27th September
  • Esmerelda's Day: Orchestral Piece. Premiered November 2011 - Video Here
  • Suite No 1 - Orchestral Piece
  • Together - Orchestral Piece with choir
  • April Weather - Woodwind Quintet - Midi Sample Here
  • Not the Crackerjacks! - Big Band Piece - live performance here
  • We Are the Best Band - Acadamy Band Piece
  • Un Simple Moroceau - Brass Band Piece

Solo Piano Pieces:

  • Shadows Fall - Piano Solo - Midi Sample Here
  • While Away - Piano Solo

Solo Sax Pieces:

  • My Life In Music - premiered on tour of Italy, November 2012
  • Dalwood Peace
  • Chocolate Empire
  • Cloudy
  • Footsteps

Other Pieces:

  • 'Tis the Dawn - Choir and Piano
  • Winter - for children's choir - https://soundcloud.com/rachael-forsyth/winter

Future Releases:

More exam pieces for Victoria College coming soon!
If you are interested in rehearsing or performing any of these pieces - contact us for more information.


Rachael also currently works as a freelance music arranger. 

She specialises in arranging pieces for woodwind instruments or piano. But she has experience arranging charts for soul bands and saxophone quartets to name but a few genres. 

Rachael also writes original compositions for woodwind and piano solos, duet, trios and small ensembles and she also writes larger pieces for mixed ensembles and local school orchestras. 

If you are interested having a piece of music arranged, having the dots for own song written down or alternatively if you are interested in having a song or composition written for your band email: info@rachaelforsyth.co.uk


"Rachael Forsyth has arranged a beautiful piece of music for me... It is perfectly suited for my instrument and ability. I feel therefore she has captured the essence of something which was previously inaccessible to me. She has done this with enthusiasm and great dedication. Thank you!" A.U 


"I have been a pupil of Rachael's for the last three years, finally realising my childhood dream of learning to play the piano. Rachael wrote me a piece of piano music - Andante Tattoo - as a gift for my 30th birthday last year to celebrate me having my very first tattoo!
In the piece, Rachael has captured exactly the type of music I enjoy playing. The key signature, the tone, the articulation - the whole arrangement reflects the styles I have grown to love throughout my lessons with Rachael. I have worked with Rachael to develop the dynamics for this piece and this has really helped me develop as a musician.
I was so touched that this piece has been written with me in mind. It is very special and I love playing it." M. P. - Pianist


"A fantastic piece called London Town Blues composed by our saxophone teacher Rachael Forsyth. Rachael is very skilful at creating great sounding compositions for ensembles of children which maximise their abilities. Many of the children in the ensemble are only beginners, yet they were able to join in with a polished, professional performance." E.P. - Assistant Head