Rachael Forsyth - Saxophonist, Writer and Music Teacher

Rachael Forsyth

To hear samples of Rachael's work go to: Soundcloud

Roo Records 

Rachael's own record label - composing and publishing woodwind music for solo instruments and smaller ensembles: 

Website:  www.roorecordsmusic.co.uk

Song samples available on: soundcloud

Helen Sanderson-White

Helen studied at Middlesex university with Rachael and the two have worked together on several projects. 

The Orange Garden:

Helen and Rachael's latest duo project.  Further info available at:

Liz Mitchell:

A fellow saxophonist who is working with Rachael in various projects.  Liz is currently giging with some awsome bands that are well worth checking out!

The Apocryphalites

Serious fun ska band!  Come see us play - also available for hire for private functions!

Four Hills Music

Rachael currently tutors and enjoys playing with Four Hills Music.  She runs the Enfield Big Band as their band leader. 

Other Woodwind Publishers
Imaginative arrangements for woodwind