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Back on track again! It's been a crazy year and a lot has been changing for me. But music is well and truly back away.

To celebrate getting back to music and getting back to keeping the website up and running here's a wonderful recording taken last December of a performance of one of my latest compositions for children's choir. It was performed in New Zealand by the lovely Major and Minors choir.




1st May

After a long interruption due to personal matter and a lot of pesky technical issues - the website is back up and running! 

Want to know what I've been up to? Why not check out my latest blog post http://rachaelforsyth.tumblr.com/


15th October

Facebook Group: Here 

For more information on my compositions and performance of my works you can now find a new facebook group. Come and say hello!


14th August

Apologies for the recent update silence. 2013 has been a bit of a whirlwind! I have recently got married and moved home (twice!). So now its all back to normal, so I can keep you all updated easier now.

I am now based in the lovely town of Hertford and have new spaces for new students.

If you are interested in music lessons in Hertford go to the Teaching page.



18th March

Rachael has just launched the start of Online Theory lessons - for more info go to courses 

Online lessons are perfect for those with really busy schedules and even for parents who want to learn the basics of music to help their children practise without learning an instrument.

Distance learning can be great fun as you can work at your own pace and under your own steam. 

Email theory @ rachaelforsyth.co.uk for more info 


19th February

Rachael has been recently appointed as Saxophone Adviser to Victoria College of Music exam board. She is currently working with them to create their latest saxophone syllabus for exams. She will also be offering advice for those working towards their diploma in saxophone playing.

She has also been busily writing new pieces for their cello and viola syllabus and will be publishing these books for the exams through www.roorecordsmusic.co.uk


7th January

Happy new year everyone!  I hope we've all had a great Christmas and are ready for what 2013 has to bring. This year is set to be quite a busy one for me, with a lot of musical things happening. More info coming soon. 

Why not check out the latest audio recording of my compositions and gigs here


23rd November

Rachael has returned from her tour of Italy. She played seven concerts at seven different venues in three different regions of Italy. She performed her latest solo sax piece 'My Life in Music' as well as demonstrated the sax to its fullest range. You can see her blog posts about her tour here: 


25th October 

'Shadows Fall' and 'While Away' Performed on Radio

Two of Rachael's solo piano pieces were played on Hildegard to Hildegard radio programme on Sound Art Radio http://hildegardtohildegard.blogspot.co.uk/


22nd October

Rachael is currently gearing up for her Italian tour. She has been asked to go as a composer / performer and play her new solo sax piece 'My Life In Music' over 7 days around Italy. She will be blogging about the tour and writing more in the run up.

Click here for the Blog


25th August

Rachael was thrilled to have one of her compositions 'Time is Wasting' played on WDGR Radio as part of the 60x60 project. Over 850 composers submitted 60 seconds of music and they were all streamed live from Vermont! 

16th August

New Video!

You can now see the video for 'Shadows Fall' (solo piano piece)  Here


31st July

The festival season is well and truly upon us now! Thanks to all who braved the mud at the Secret Garden Party to see the Apocryphalites perform. Next festival: BOOMTOWN FAIR! See you there?


14th June

Rachael has been asked to go to Italy as a guest composer for Women in Music Trust Concerts - organised by Donne in Muisca. She was chosen from a selection of European female composers to take part in the event. She has been comissiioned to write a new piece of music for solo sax. To demonstrate new and accessible music. Rachael will be touring near Rome later this year and will be performing the pieces as well. She has also been asked to appear as a special guest performer in the jazz festival that will be running after this event too!

You can keep up to date with all the goings on in the run up to this by reading her blog:

Click here for the Blog


3rd May

Rachael has been shortlisted to go to Italy as a guest composer for Women in Music Trust. This is an opportunity to write and perform a brand new piece for solo sax on 6 day tour around Italy!


19th April

Rachael is now composer in residence for Four Hills Music - writing orchestral, brass band, acadamy band and big band pieces. 


13th April

Special Back to school offer for our books bought through amazon. Click here to see our up to 50% offer on books ordered before the 22nd April!!!

12th April

A new recording of Rachael's woodwind quintet 'April Weather' is now available to listen to here

If you are a memeber of a woodwind quintet and would like to perform this piece, please contact us.


29th March

Rachael was able to hear a public performance of her latest arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon that she wrote for orchestra. It was performed by the North London's People Orchestra.


8th March

Happy International Womens Day Everyone!

Gig list has just been updated! See you soon!


6th February

Roo Records Music now offers free online consultation for schools who are itching to get an orchestra / ensemble or band up and running but perhaps don't know where to start. If you have the passion to get music up and running we have the skills to help you. To get some free online help and advice for how to start - just email us.

For those schools based in Enfield / Herts / North London we are able to offer free Inset day training / workshops - please contact us for further info.


15th November

Rachael has just launched two new festive titles.

Perfect Christmas present for musicians of all ages



9th September

Gig lists has been updated for the next couple of months.

Rachael's latest published books are now available to buy from Playsomething, Ware.

3rd August

The next few gig dates have now been added to the Gig List.

Since July Rachael has been busy composing some new pieces and there will be exciting news about some of her pieces being announced soon!

If you're looking for a few lessons over the summer why not drop us a line?


5th July

It has been a busy couple of months - here's the latest news in brief - for uptodate news why not follow us on twitter or sign up for the monthly newsletter?

Latest Compositions:

North London Brass have begun rehearsing 'Un Simple Moroceau' - details of the first performance of this coming soon!

Roo's Blues and Me and You... Clarinet Music Book - soon to be available to buy from Amazon!

12th May

Saturday, 25th June Rachael will be running the ever popular 'Beginners Guide to Improvising' music course.  Further information will come soon - to register your interest, simply drop us an email and you will hear first.

6th May

One of the Apocryphalties posters has been included in Gaz Mayall's 'Gaz's Rockin Blues The First Thirty Years'  - an excellent book full of brilliant art work.

28th April

The Apocryphalites were on the Radio.  Last Sunday The Apocryphalites had a track featured on Gary Crowley's BBC London Introducing Show - if you would like to hear the track they played then check it out on iplayer.

13th April

You can now hear samples of Rachael's latest works through this website:  www.reverbnation.co.uk/rachaelforsyth

You can hear samples of our latest Woodwind Quintet and Chamber Orchestra piece - which should be released from Roo Records Music website soon.


25th March

Rachael is currently writing some Woodwind Quintet and full Orchestral pieces.  We are hoping to hear them premiered later this year - keep checking back for further information.

If you are an Orchestra / Ensemble who would like to commission Rachael to write you a piece of music, please feel free to email for a quote.

Don't forget to sign up to the monthly mailing list to be kept uptodate with the latest news.

7th March

Our Roo Records Music books are now available to buy through Amazon.  To see what books are available search for either:  Rachael Forsyth or Roo Records Music

2nd March

The next Roo Records Music book is now available to purchase:

'Me and You... Flute Duets'  - 7.50

Order before 18th March for free delivery!!!


9th February

The Next Apocryphalites Gig will be 26th Feb - Headline Slot at the Dublin Castle, Camden - Doors open at 7:45 - bring your skanking shoes.  It's gonne be awsome!!!


6th February

The latest Roo Records Music book is now available to purchase direct from either us here or from www.roorecordsmusic.co.uk

The latest collection is 'Me and You... Saxophone Duets'  - 7.50 plus 2.50 p&p

28th January

Welcome to the new look website!

Our next Roo Records Music book has been finalised - 'Me and You.... Saxophone Duets'  - Pictures and a sneaky look inside the latest book will be coming soon, but it will be available to be purchased on 5th February 2011

1st January

Rachael's next music course is going to be:

Saturday, January 15th - Beginners Guide To Improvising

If you've ever wanted to learn the basics of Jazz Improvisation, then this is the course for you.

Come along to a relaxed morning's session to learn the basics of solo building and learn the basics of how to improvise.

The course will feature:
Ideal for anyone who ever wanted to have a go at jazz improvisation but felt a bit daunted by it.  Whether you're a woodwind, brass or string player - everyone is welcome.  Pianists welcome too but only one space available for piano.  

Time: 10am - 12:30pm  -  Refreshments will be provided.
Venue: Enfield
Fees:  30 per person - payable in advance and non-refundable.
Closing Date: 13th January 2011

Places limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis please contact us to book your place and for further information. 

5th November

Rachael's newest book has now been released and is available to buy.

Super Saxophone Scales

Super Saxophone Scales - scales from grades 1 - 4, with backing CD to make learning scales and arpeggios fun and more exciting.  Now available for 12.99 from Roo Records Music

Premier for Roo Records Music - Roo Records Music will see two of their latest pieces being premiered at a local church's centenary concert. 

25th October

Rachael will be launching the latest Roo Records Music pieces later today - for upto date news come follow us on twitter or facebook.

5th October

New Gigs have been added to the gigs page.  Lots of ska this month - so come and get your dancing shoes on. 

Rainbow Recorders has also just been relaunched with a fantastic new front cover design, supplied by Stewart Haris - to order your copy go to:  Lulu.com 

October Special Offer - order your 1st Edition of 'Rainbow Recorders' for this month for 6.00 only plus 2.50 p&p.  Offer expires 31st October, 2010.  To order go to:  www.roorecordsmusic.co.uk and order direct from us.

21st September

There are 2 places still left for our Music Theory Course on Saturday, 25th September.

See the gig list for further information and also check out the latest gig dates too.

Rachael has also updated her music books that are for sale through www.lulu.com - go and check it out to see her latest compositions.

6th September

Rachael's latest duet book 'Rainbow Recorders' is now available to buy through Lulu.com

7.50 + 2.50 p&p

14th August

Rachael's latest composition 'Orchestra Rocks' is now available to buy through Lulu.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. 

12th August

Saturday, 25th June Rachael will be running her popular course - Music Theory Day

This course is for those who are learning a musical instrument at the moment but are perhaps baffled by the rudiments of music, despite knowing how to play.  This Theory Day will boost your confidence with counting beats and breaking down tricky phrases into easier sections, understanding keys, cleffs and time signatures and for woodwind players it will help you understand the other realm that is the bass cleff and the notes with this.  A day to hone your musical knowledge and further develop your musical theory, which in turn will boost your playing skills.

Ideal for woodwind / piano players and all other musicians alike - whether you're self taught or you currently have lessons.  Perfect for beginners to more knowledgeable students.

This course is for people 18 years or older.  Places are limited. 

For further information and tickets please drop me an email - rachaelforsyth at btinternet dot com

Times:  10am - 2pm  - Tea and coffee will be provided.

Venue:  Enfield. 

Tickets: 30 per person - payable in advance, non refundable. 

Closing Date: 21st September

3rd August

Roo Records Music

Now Available

'Rainbow Recorders'

A collection of 15 duets and trios.

A fun selection of pieces for the foundation level player. Fantastic way to introduce group playing.

Now available to buy for 7.50

To order go to:


23rd July

Lots of new gig dates have been added - come and hear the new Orange Garden songs that we will be recording next week.

New music courses will be announced soon - keep checking back.  If you want to be first in line for these, drop me an email and I will let you know as soon as they've been announced.

New Roo Records Music Pieces have been completed and launched too - go to Roo Records Music for details how to buy.

16th July

New dates for summer lesson have been added.  So, if you fancy learning a new instrument over the summer, or perhaps having a go at learning a new style of music drop me a line.  Lessons also available for if you want an intestive course to boost your music theory or performance skills. 

Lessons run from 9th August - 4th September.  30 / 45 / 60 minute slots available.

Go to the contacts section for further information and details of how to book.

14th July

New Gig Dates have been added!

9th July

Yesterday we had a Roo Records Music piece 'The London Town Blues' performed at the Hackney Schools Music Festival - well done everyone who took part.

2nd July

Don't forget you can follow Rachael's Roo Records Music information on Facebook and Twitter - come and join the conversation!

28th June

Rachael has just updated her gig list.  There are some more coming for The Orange Garden and she will be playing for a local theatre's production of 'Our House'.

2nd June

There are now only 2 places left for Music Theory Day, 12th June

If you are interrested go to the Gigs Section and drop me an email. 

23rd May

There are still a couple of places left for the Music Theory Day  on Saturday, 12th June - to give those that are still interrested another opportunity to book the closing date for this is now - Thursday, 10th June.

Book now to avoid disappointment!


27th April

On Saturday, 12th June Rachael will be running a Music Theory Day

This course is for those who are learning a musical instrument at the moment but are perhaps baffled by the rudiments of music, despite playing well.  This Theory Day will boost your confidence with counting beats and breaking down tricky phrases into easier sections, understanding keys, cleffs and time signatures and for woodwind players it will help you understand the other realm that is the bass cleff and the notes with this.  A day to hone your musical knowledge and further develop your musical theory, which in turn will boost your playing skills.

Ideal for woodwind / piano players and all other musicians alike - whether you're self taught or you currently have lessons.

This course is for people 18 years or older.  Places are limited. 

For further information and tickets please drop me an email - rachaelforsyth@btinternet.com

Times:  10am - 2pm  - Tea and coffee will be provided.

Venue:  Enfield. 

Tickets: 30 per person - payable in advance, non refundable. 

Closing Date: 30th May

Other courses will be coming soon - and if you think your theory is a bit more advanced then why not sign up to hear when the advanced theory day will be taking part!

21st April

Rachael has been working hard on her Roo Records Music website and has finished off her latest compositions.  These are now available for you to buy.  So go to Roo Records Music  to get further information.  New tracks are also available on the myspace page of Roo Records Music should you want to take a listen.

We are also available on facebook now - so come find the Roo Records facebook group and get upto date gossip on our latest projects!!

6th January

Rachael would like to wish everyone a happy new year.  She has some new news due to be posted shortly - but you'll have to check back later to see what it is :)

27th October

Rachael has just relaunched her composition website:  Roo Records Music.  Roo Records Muisc specialises in fun and educational musics for solo / duets / small woodwind ensembles as well as orchestral pieces. 

18th October

Rachael and Helen will be exhibiting their composition and arranging work and services at the Short Cuts Creative Industry Trade Show at Aylesbury College, Oxford, Rd, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP21 8PD from 3pm to 8.30pm. For more details, please go to www.cliffproductions.co.uk/shortcuts09-trade-show.htm

8th May

Rachael's latest gigs have just been added to the gigs page and there are some new photos too from some recent gigs too.

Video footage of The Apocrypahlites and The Texas Chainsaw Orchestra are available through youtube.  They are also available through facebook and myspace too.

1st March

Rachael would like to congratulate all those who worked hard to make the two shows she took part in successful - both Honk and Fame were well done and the cast had worked hard to pull them off!

The next batch of gigs are now up on the gig list - come down for music and dancing!

7th January 2009

Happy New Year and all of that to everyone!  I hope you all had a good xmas break.  The next batch of gigs have been announced and 2009 is set to be a busy one.  Finger crossed!!

29th October

Next week Rachael will be appearing as part of the Orchestra playing for Billy at the Wyllyotts Theatre in Potters Bar.  Show runs from Tuesday the 4th of November to Saturday the 8th.

21st August

Rachael will be appearing with Jazz Trio - The Wigs - at her local community fesitvals this autumn - check the gigs page for days and times!  Fingers crossed for good weather!!!!

17th August

The Texas Chainsaw Orchestra are preparing for the Halloween Special this year - go to the gigs page to see where you can see them play!

15th August

Rachael has been rehearsing with Jazz Trio 'The Wigs'.  A couple of gig dates have been stencilled in already - keep checking back for details of this and their demo.

7th August

Rachael has been busily rehearsing with a jazz trio and the group have a couple of bookings to be announced shortly.  If you need a jazz trio / quartet for a special occasion then drop me a line.


20th March

Rachael's next gig is going to be this coming Saturday 22nd March with The Texas Chainsaw Orchestra.   They'll be playing at The Monster Raving Loony Party's Annual Tea Party.  Doors open at 6pm - and it's FREEEEE!!!  Some sort of hat wear is expected tho - expect madness and fun.  Hopefully the weather'll be ok for the BBQ

21st January

In the Autumn of 2007 Rachael did some recording work as part of a choir for a charity album - that album has now been released!!

Some of the biggest stars from the brass and vocal world have combined to record the latest Brass Band Aid CD, featuring Karl Jenkins' masterpiece 'The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace', arranged for brass band, choir and organ. All the proceeds from the CD will go to World Vision, which is helping to build a school in Ethiopia.

The work, which is the only piece by a living composer to feature in the 'Classic FM Hall of Fame' Top 10, was premiered in 2005 and since then a number of performances have taken place.

For the recording, the Brass Band Aid Celebrity Band (an all-star brass band featuring some of the world's top brass players) feature alongside the BBA Festival Chorus, and four guest vocal soloists, including Nicky Spence, who recently performed at the Classical Brit Awards. Brass soloists include David Childs (International Euphonium Player of the Year), legendary Soprano Cornet player Peter Roberts and Cornet virtouso David Daws. The International Staff Songsters, The Salvation Army's premier choir, have also recorded a special track for the CD. Howard J. Evans is the Musical Director for the recording.

You can view a promotional video for the CD at:

To order your copy for just 10:
Email: brionyt@aol.com or
(t) 01933 445 445
(w) www.sps-shop.com