Lockdown Update

Hi All!

Sorry for the radio (or blog / website) silence - it has been a crazy couple of months for all of us. Lockdown, covid, home schooling.... all the things.

If you follow me on social media @rachaelcomposes or @roorecordsmusic you know I've been busy in the background sorting all the things out, but I thought it was about time to get a quick blog post up to let you all know what I've been up to.

Well.. I've learnt that in the future hubby will be doing most of the homework help as I'm struggling even with reception based work! Digraphs... Trigraphs... eek. I've also learnt that the fun creative tasks school do are brilliant and that I knew teachers are amazing - but they have been especially amazing to be able to do this every day! I've also learnt my son (5 1/2) can easily chomp through 18kg of apples....

But musically it has been really busy too.

Most of my students were able to switch to skype lessons (and zoom and whatsapp and facebook messenger...) easily and as I had been working online with those students who wanted lessons when I moved it also meant I was able to help other tutors set themselves up. This has also created more work - as then there were reams more 'fun' pieces to write, backing tracks to make and emails to send to make sure every one was progressing but also that they had a creative outlet too.

Since lockdown started I've also started teaching lots of new lovely students too - some wanted to start something new and some because they can't access lessons outside of school.

On my @roorecordsmusic facebook page I ran some creative composition workshops and popular ukulele sessiions too! These are now all available for catch up viewing on the facebook page - and hopefully will be up on youtube at some point soon.

Compositionally I found it the hardest though. Mentally just really not feeling the joy to write and not wanting to. But I've been busy with some arrangement jobs as well as a few new things started in the pipeline - but can't announce those yet til they're finished.

And as if that wasn't enough I've also been running Friday night jam sessions too!

So there's been lots of music positives, which have been really helpful in these difficult times.

I'm starting to look forward to taking a bit of a break from working and teaching for a bit over the summer holidays.

But before that happens there's lots to do! I'm hoping to get back to updating this website with links to my pieces and get back into writing and playing more again.

Stay safe everyone!