Master of the Masters..... Year 1

I know I shouldn't have been surprised but I was really happy to year that I passed the first year of my Masters in Composition the other day. 

It really has been such a difficult year balancing teaching, composing and a Masters degree, but then to put on top of all of that a global pandemic, homeschooling and a puppy!! 

There were times that I felt a bit overwhelmed to say the least - especially being pushed out of my comfort zone so much and definitely with the percussion topic. But it has been a great first year to really analyse what I do. To really question why I do it, and whether I should do I, or want to do it, or whether I could and should maybe try something different.... 

It has given me time to reflect on who I am as a composer and also who I want to be and where I want to go. 

The final assignment was a really interesting project. It was a piece based on the seven deadly sins and I chose gluttony. It was supposed to be for 5-12 people for over 5 minutes. I ended up with 12 people and nearly 9 minutes of material! So I didn't give myself the easiest of projects to do. 

Sadly during the final week of my Masters I heard about the passing of my Uncle. This gave a very sad twinge to my woo hoo moment on the deadline day. 

Because of the loss I dedicated my final assignment in his memory.

You can hear Shell Shocked here