New Pieces

The last couple of days I've been working on getting more compositions finished and adding the final full stop to some to release them into the musical world.

Back to school has meant a bit more free time and more importantly a bit more thinking time.

I was pleased to be able to put two up onto soundcloud as well.

Hope - this was started during the first lockdown, back in 2020 - and it was based on the saying 'Hope is being able to see that there is light even in darkness'. There was something about this quote that really struck a chord for me. It resonated so much that I had it put on my 2021 diary to remind me.

There is always hope, but sometimes it can be hard to see. 

Written for unaccompanied SATB choice you can hear it here - Click Here

If you are part of a choir that you know would be interested in this work then please drop me a line! 


The second piece up on soundcloud was 

A Calmness Within. 

This I wrote during a week long online summer school at RCS. It was lovely to write and to think about writing during the summer as often I find the six weeks holiday the hardest to find both time and inclination. 

I loved writing this sweet, still and almost meditative track: You can find a live recording of it HERE