It's Panto Again (Oh No It Isn't!)

And it's all back to normal again!

Panto 2020 was Dick Whittington - another Alan Frayn script with all of the usual gaffs and slapstick.

This year was a mixed bag for myself and Cloverleaf. There was a lot of last minute changes (and not just the song choices!!) but this year sadly our director Roz had to take a step back due to a health issue and our lovely drummer decided to have a mini stroke two weeks before the shows!

Added to the mix were a planned family get away the week before the show and it created just a bit of extra stress!

But actually - it all came together magically (as it always does).

Bob our beautiful dame stepped up to direct, as well as sorting the stage and all the other things he normally does for the show.

The UV scene got funnier each night (intentionally this year I think - unlike last year where everyone found the giant unicorn funny ... and I'm not sure they wre supposed to...)

The review given to the show was fair and there was some good thinking points for next year.

But the adjudication came back glowing this year - and not only did the cast get good comments but I did too!

Apparently we are an Intrepid Duo!

I'll take that!

So now it's back to normal. Teaching, lots of compositions to tidy up and send off.

So pantomime cheers for another year :)